Individual adaptation - unique worldwide

Did you know that?

We are the only shoe manufacturer in the world that produces the modular sports shoe!


Our individual adjustment to the conditions of each runner are easily possible through the specialized trade. Specialized sports stores have excellent expertise and can thus make the right optimization for you through treadmill or pressure analysis. You can find our partners in your area here in our Store Locator, so you also have the opportunity to support the local trade.

Did you know that?

The Infinite ONE is the only shoe that can be adjusted to your needs even after production in Germany! In the future, it will also be available with features that allow you to analyze your running performance.

The classic case of overpronation, in the long run very dangerous for joints and bones.

What do we mean by adaptation?

Every foot is to a certain extent individual, whether it is due to the already distinctive running style of past years, past injuries or its very own technique. This is where we come in by inserting different hard or soft cushioned modules into the shoe. Through this adjustment from below, we do not give runners, for example, the opportunity to simply displace a cheap midsole foam in one direction and thereby promote the malposition. On the contrary, we start by providing better support for the foot in order to give you a long-term sustainable solution that really helps you.

If you are a dealer and want to know if you are qualified for the Infinite ONE or if you are a customer and have questions about the individual fitting, please write to us in our contact form below.